Do I need photo identification?

Yes, please bring a valid form of photo identification (ie: driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc). The rest is up to You!

Do I need to take a reservation?

Yes. Please make sure to call us or write an email before Your arrival to be sure lanes are empty.

Can I shoot if I am younger than 18 years old?

Yes, but only accompanied by a legal guardian. Please make sure to take a valid passport or school ID with You.

What is the minimum age to shoot at Your range?

Our minimum age for shooters is 10 years of age. Finally its completely dependant on the instructor what type of weapons will be given to the minor. Weight, height, maturity level will have an impact here.

What types of weapons can I shoot here?

We offer a wide variety of guns from automatic rifles, through pistols, rewolvers, machine pistols and shotguns. To see them all check out our Guns button.

Can I shoot from any single gun I want?

Of course! The firearms selection is completely up to You!

Are the firearms and ammunition real?

Yes. All the guns and ammunition are real.

Is shooting safe?

Yes. Your safety is the most important thing for us. Each of our instructors has all the required licenses supported by rich experience.

How many shooting lanes are available?

We have 2 standard shooting lanes (paper targets) and 2 IST lanes (interactive shooting trainers).

How long are the lanes?

The maximum distance that is available at our shooting range is 23 meters (75 feet).

How much time should i reserve for shooting?

It all depends on the package and amount of weapons You would like to shoot from. As a standard, You should count approx. 1 hour.

What if I have never ever had contact with real firearms?

It is not a problem for us. As one of the best shooting ranges in the area, we offer a fully trained staff. They will teach You everything You need to know so that the shooting goes smooth and safe.

Can I shoot once from every weapon?

No. In the Guns button You may observe what is the minimum quantity of shots from each weapon.

Is shooting loud?

Yes; but no worries. We will make sure You have proffesional ear protection during shooting.

Does shooting hurt?

No. Our instructors will take good care of You so that You learn how to properly hold and use a gun.

Which weapons are the most popular ones?

Easy question. Of course it is the Glock, AK-47 and Mossberg 590.

Can I take photos?

Taking photos and movies is welcome at our range. Don’t forget to add the #Strzelnicarp hashtag in the medias! 🙂

I have received a voucher. Can I share it with someone?

No. Vouchers are for the use of one person only (in terms of ammunition). Of course You can take someone with You though to share the moment.

Can I come with my own weapon?

If it’s legal, why not! Please let us know before Your arrival that You have Your own license. Check the prices for people not needing the supervision of a licensed instructor.

Can I shoot from a lying position?


Do You have a dress code?

No, we don’t. Whereas I would say it’s better to put some comfortable, loose clothes so that You don’t feel constrained.  It’s better not to have a blouse with a neckline and short skirts. HEELS ARE WELCOME 🙂

Are paper targets included in the price?

In terms of vouchers and gift-cards; yes. If You pick up guns additionally or without a gift-card, please take into account that each paer target costs 1 zł.

Can I shoot as a foreigner?

Take Your passport with You and You’re pretty welcome!

Can I shoot when drunk?

No, anyone under the influence of alcohol will be given an alcotester. In case the light is red…You’re expelled.