With a real pleasure we give You the ability to shoot on one of the most modern shooting ranges in Poland (available for everyone…no permission required). At our range You can either shoot to standard paper targets as well as on an ultramodern interactive shooting trainer.

IST is a computer based audio-visual system which helps in carrying out trainings similar to real life situations. The target, as figures, masked robbers, or even ducks are showed on a special screen o which we shoot from real weapons.


For companies and groups we give the possibility to organize parties and conferences connected with shooting trainings.

If interested, please let us know and be sure we will adapt our offer to Your expectations.

Phone: +48 42 276 44 46


Apart from individual customers, our shooting range is prepared for organizing trainings for organized shooting groups.

Training with the usage of real guns (short, carbines, machine pistols) is carried out by our instructors in a very safe environment. The scale of difficulty is adjusted to the level of the staff being trained.

Starting with very easy trainings like shooting to figures or standard targets without a time limit, through a regulated time scope, adjustable size till more complicated animations and sequences of videos with short scenes imitating real life threats that may happen during police serving or private life.

All trainings are adapted to be performed on a distance of 5, 10, 15 or 20 meters and shown on a 4/3 screen (2m x 2m). All training done in this system help the person to learn in a fast and efficient way; from aiming, till the ability to take the right decision. The shots are analyzed and registered by the computer which makes it possible to track the progress of the shooter.


Our instructors have huge experience in training widely understood forces, essentialy and practically.

During theoretical training we give You the ability to use our multimedia devices in a fully prepared lecture room (with a preview on the shooting range)

In terms of combat training, we give You the ability to use a wide spectrum of firearms (Check Guns button).